Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

We’re James and Belinda Galbraith and we produce and sell delicious grass fed beef and lamb direct to the public.

We’re the fourth generation of farmers from the Galbraith family to run Medway Farm, located in Sutton Forest in the beautiful Southern Highlands.

We treat our animals with the utmost care to ensure they have a contented life and produce a tender product. We don’t use hormones or antibiotics, which results in meat that not only tastes superb, but also is better for you and your family. Our meat comes cut and packed ready to put into your freezer or straight onto the barbeque.

Experience the true taste of paddock to plate produce with our tender and fresh beef and lamb.

Our Meat

All our grass fed meat is processed to order and sold in bulk by the quarter, half (pictured), or whole beef body or half or whole lambs.

When you place an order, the animal goes directly from the paddock to be processed. It’s then butchered and tray packed into portions and labelled ready for your freezer.

We welcome all our customers to collect your pre-ordered meat from the farm at an arranged time. Alternatively, we deliver throughout the Southern Highlands with our Food Authority NSW licensed mobile cool room. 

Delivery is $15 for locations within 20km from Moss Vale. For Southern Highlands locations further afield (we can go as far north as Picton Rd, east to Robertson, and south to Tallong) there is a delivery fee of $2 per km in addition to the $15 flat fee. For our city dwelling customers, we welcome you to visit the farm and pickup your meat.

Why eat grass fed?

These days a lot of cattle are forced into feedlots for rapid fattening on a grain-based, hormone-enhanced diet. But at Medway Farm, our animals are free to roam open pastures on a salad bar diet of grass.

Our animals only eat pasture as we believe that is what they’re meant to do. Sheep and cattle are ruminants characterised by their multiple stomachs and cud chewing behaviour. Ruminants are designed to graze only on pasture. Our animals are not supplemented with grain or finished on grain, but are grass fed for the entire length of their life.

This produces delicious tasting meat that is also better for you. Research has found that grass fed beef is rich in Omega-3, antioxidant vitamins A and E and CLA trans fatty acids that improve brain function and reduce cancer risk.

All our meat is grass fed and you can truly taste the difference.

"I have just received my 2nd lot of beef from Medway Farm and to say I'm over the moon would not be credit enough! Delivered to my door with the freshest beef ever. Once you try Medway Farm beef I promise you won't buy from the shops again!"


Hill Top

"We ordered a whole beast. The meat is packaged really well! Taste is A+++++ first time in ages I've had beef that tastes 'like it used too'! Very friendly and easy to deal with! Thanks Belinda & James"



"Delicious, local beef. I love knowing where my meat has come from and that the cows have lived a happy life. Buying the meat in bulk is fab because I always have something in the freezer, ready to go for dinner. Thanks!!"



"Just had our second order of beef, it is amazing. Couldn't buy anywhere else! Great value and amazing quality of beef"