We hope everyone had a restful and fun Christmas with their families and wish everyone a fantastic new year! We’ve reopened for 2018 and are now taking orders for beef and lamb for February. Order your meat here and we’ll be in touch soon with a date for when your meat will be ready.

We’re hopeful for some more rain as things are very dry at the moment. The clouds are threatening but failing to deliver the goods as yet. Fingers crossed the rains come soon! The below photo was taken from Mt Gingenbullen which overlooks our farm. You can see how dry it is, but the view is still spectacular!

We’ve had more lambs being born lately and this little one was super cute, following us around as we moved the flock to a new paddock.

Our poddy lamb is almost ready to rejoin the flock. He was a twin who’s mother died while birthing his sibling. We found him in the paddock with his eyelids fused shut and very helpless. So we adopted him and bought him home and hand raised him. Unfortunately he thinks he’s more human than sheep and when we took him for a walk to introduce him to the flock (pictured below) he didn’t give them a second glance!

That’s the latest from the farm!

Belinda and James Galbraith